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My name is Melanie Lynn Martin. I was born on November 14, on Long Island, New York. I'm currently 18 and live in Ohio. I have brown hair and blue eyes, and I'm a huge sports freak. I live for the New York Rangers and the New York Jets. I play football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. My E-mail is I'm single and looking, my ideal partner has to be cute, have a sense of humor, sweet, and love adventure. My New year's Resolution for 2001 is to let nothing in the way of me and my dreams. Music is my first passion, only to be followed by acting. My musical influences are 98 Degrees and Five. I'd describe myself as sensitive, funny, and optimistic. I can come across as a bit cocky, but it's all in the act. I write song lyrics and plays.

Here are the songs that I've written. Feel free to email me and let me know what you think.

You Take Me There

Itís a place where fantasies and dreams come true
I seem to drift there when I think of you
I never expected to feel like this
But I have to admit, I almost missed
the chance of a lifetime

because baby you take me there
itís better than anywhere Iíve ever been before
I want it more and more each day
and I wanna know that it wonít fade away
so please tell me youíll be there
always and forever

Iíve been called a dreamer
but now all I have to do is open my eyes
to know my biggest dream has come true
all I have to do is take one look at you
the gleam in your eye is enough
to take me to a place
beyond compare
and makes me wanna share
all I have with you
and make you feel the way I do


so say the words I long to hear
say that youíll always hold me near
in my heart
thatís where youíve been from the very start
so tell me youíll be with me til the end
and help my broken heart to mend
you take me there
a place without fear
and the best is yet to come

The #1 Fan

Everybodyís got their own opinion
about whoís who
all I know is I love you
and I hope youíd love me too
but weíve never met
and thatís my biggest dream yet
I just wanna spend time with you
doing what youíve always liked to do
walking on the beach
and looking at the stars
because I can give you this
my heart
Ďcause youíre what makes it beat
miles apart I can still feel the heat
thatís goiní on between you and me
even though I like to flirt
I can promise youíd never get hurt
I want to be there for you, baby
and treat you the way you need to be treated
you claim youíre not affected by the fame
I can see in your eyes youíre the same person
only in disguise
you say you donít know if people love who you are or
what you are
and Iím telling you itís true
I love you for you
you spend so much time in the limelight
you hardly get to sleep at night
with me youíre everywhere
in my thoughts, in my dreams, and in my heart
youíre a dream come true
and when I finally meet you
I know that we could be the best of friends
I know nobody can make me feel the way you can
and thatís why Iím your number one fan

Your Dream

I donít exactly have the money
but I could make it
I donít have much time on my hands
but for you, Iíd take it
because I want to be your dream
and you can be mine
sometimes I know you just wanna scream
because people can be so cold
but here in my arms
youíd be safe and warm
and Iíd protect you from harm
when I see you I canít think straight
I canít help it
Iíll blame it on fate
and if Iím lucky
I might just be in your dreams tonight
I just wanna be the one to love you right
to love you day and night
I may not be your fantasy
but I want to have the chance
to show you how much you mean to me
when I look into your eyes
I see everything that is right


When you feel the world has shut you out
and you canít breathe
you can call out for me
and Iíll be there to help you up again
the strength to rise and face the day
everybody needs a somebody and baby, I wanna be yours

I wanna be there for you like youíre there for me
I wanna give you everything you need
and hold you in my arms and protect you
so you never get hurt like that again

You sit and the dark and cry yourself to sleep
Iíll be by your bedside in a heartbeat
even if I have to crawl
all you have to do is call
Iíll wipe your tears away
and give you the push you need to face a new day



Iíve got these visions racing through my head
Iíve had them ever since you were in my bed
I donít know what Iíd do without your love
my face glows more than the stars up above
Iíve tried to hide it
but it canít help but show
with that I want you to know

baby, itís you I give my heart to
itís your love that causes me to be true blue
itís you that puts me to the test
thatís when Iím at my best
Iím thinkiní of you always
and I know youíll forever be by my side

I used to be a player, always playiní around
but because of you true love has been found
I lay awake at night
dealing with emotions I donít wanna fight
this could be wrong but why does it feel so right?
I promise to treat you good
now that weíre understood


My Angel From Up Above

Now that youíre gone
how am I supposed to move on
the time passes so slowly
I donít know where all the minutes are going
all I know is Iím lost without you by my side
and last night, like a little baby, I cried

you always called me your angel
but Iím not
at least not anymore
when you were around
you saw the good in me
that nobody else could see

You made sure that I felt like somebody
with you not around, I feel like nobody
Iím drifting through this life
like Iím aimlessly looking for something
but I had it and I let it slip away
I regret it each day

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